Wednesday, December 9, 2009


is WINDY!!! No joke...I almost took flight trying to cross the street to retrieve my kids paci from the car earlier! To my suprise it was not as fun as once imagined! Reminds me of those insane dreams my husband says he has about suddenly being able to fly!!! bahah...oh my husband...what a funny guy!

N-E-way... interesting how the outside weather and my mind prrrrrrrrrrrrretty much are doing the same thing...if I could look into my head im pretty sure it would look something like this...

Lots of beautiful, colorful ideas flying around...trying to be reconized! Ew ew pick me pick me...write me down, yeah yeah make a list of MEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Wow...I SERIOUSLY need to start a journal or SOMETHING before I go INSANE!!!

I love being it SO much that I have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 different ideas...I need to learn  how to organize them...but ya know what...I've been saying that for like oh i dunno MY WHOLE I don't think thats gonna happen so probably should just stop wishing and hoping and just EMBRACE it...this is me...a little crazy! I like to think of it as organized chaos...its how I function best really...yet for some reason I continue to judge myself for it...

Wow ok so anyway AGAIN..its ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yes I know...INSANE right??? I don't know why I feel like it has creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeped up on me since I have been thinking about it since Halloween...but it has!!!

I must of my most anticipated gifts HAS to be Style School!!! Im super pumped for it...maybe they can help me embrace my creative self!

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